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Passionate, Dependable, Reliable, and Professional

What Makes Us Different?

All of our team members are dog and cat lovers who have many years of experience in caring for our furry four-legged friends. Each sitter additionally has a special area of experience with our feathered, finned and/or scaled friends. We do our best to match up the purrfect sitter with each household.
From pups who need mid-day potty breaks, cats who just don’t do well outside of their home comforts to special needs pets who need supportive care, we offer flexible, in-home pet care by trained employees with decades of experience in foster care, rescue, nutrition and other pet related fields
Of course, we provide the basics such as feeding, fresh water and exercise. More importantly, we take the time to get to know your individual pet’s personality, what makes them unique and provide quality companionship in the comfort of your home! We have proudly served the Westerville, Galena, Lewis Center, Gahanna and New Albany, Ohio areas since 2007.
Meet The Sitters

All of our staff members are dog and cat lovers and have many years of of experience in caring for our furry four legged friends. Each sitter has many years of hands on experience with our feathered, finned and scaled friends in addition to our passion for pooches. We do our best to match up the purrfect sitter with each household.

Passionate, Dependable, Reliable, and Professional

We have proudly served the Westerville, Galena, Lewis Center, Gahanna and New Albany, Ohio areas since 2007.

From puppies who need mid-day potty breaks, cats who just don’t do well outside of their home comforts to special needs pets who need supportive care, we offer flexible, in-home pet care by trained employees with decades of experience in foster care, rescue, nutrition and other pet-related fields.

My pets are better-taken care of than when I’m there! And I love the photos- Ann is wonderful. Thank you so very much! 

Lori B

Winifred Sanderson Meowspurr aka Winnie

Watcher of humans, not so covert pen thief and official mascot of @scalestailsandpawspetsitting

Winnie was a stray who was rescued by a friend named Barbara. Unfortunately, Winnie doesn’t love sharing her space or humans with other fur friends and tormented her new fur siblings. After a brief talk, the office team at Scales Tails & Paws decided that Winnie would be purrfect for an office cat. 

Winnie is the official greeter for us and also HHM/Payday, who we share an office space with. She spends much of her day going from person to person, demanding attention and making sure we are on task. When not sleeping, playing or snuggling, you can find Winnie chasing the dogs who dare enter “her” office and growling at the geese outside.

#winnietheofficecat aka Winifred Sanderson Meowspurr ???? Find her Royal Highness on Instagram and Twitter

Ingrid C.


As native of Westerville, I have been active in rescue work since I was a young child. Our family takes in foster animals when space allows or run transports to get animals out of kill shelters and into foster/forever homes. I first starting pet sitting for neighborhood pets at the age of 12.

My current furry family includes 10 cats (yes, you read that right)- Princess (Leia) & Yoda (who we fostered since they were a week old!), Bing, Skippy, Sassy, Floof , Goose, Hattie Mae, Storm & Hazel. In addition to our kitty crew, we have 4 dogs; Lia, a German Shepherd mix, Henry who is a Boxer/Hound, Grace our German Shepherd and Veli who is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever/Anatolian mix. Keeping things ever lively is our 5 Thoroughbreds- Sunny, Marvin, Forrest, Pretentious and Hannah. 

I am a Certified Pet Tech Pet First Aid/CPR instructor (PTI #1667) and am dual trained in CPR/First Aid certified by PetTech and The American Red Cross. I am a foster/volunteer for RescuedOhio, a Be-A Tree presenter for youth dog safety and bite prevention as well as past Co-Chair on the NAPPS Pet Sitter Education Committee.

Jandi S


Jandi S. loves all animals, big and small. Growing up on a farm, she rode and showed horses all through school as well as raised Australian Cattle Dogs. Active in 4-H and FFA, she spent her free time farm-sitting for friends and hanging out at the local vet’s office. Even her science fair projects were horse related.

As an adult, her passion for animals and 4-H hasn’t waned. Jandi has been a 4-H advisor for 20+ years. Her 2 teenage boys share her love of animals and 4-H. Currently her family has 3 dogs, 2 cats, fish, numerous outside chickens, goats, and a house chicken named Cadbury. When she isn’t snuggling up with your pet or enjoying walking adventures, she is most likely cheering on her boys at their various sporting events.

Michaela C

Event Coordinator/Office Administrator

As many of our long term clients know, Michaela is Ingrid’s daughter so she comes by her passion for pets, especially cats, naturally! She has been a huge help for many years and is excited to officially be a part of the team.

Michaela has been obsessed with animals since she was old enough to know what they were, in fact, her first word was kitty! She has followed in the family footsteps of helping foster and rescue dogs and cats. She almost always had a litter of kittens or mama cats that we would foster for area groups start out in her room before being introduced to the rest of the household.

In Michaela’s words:

“I am Ingrid’s daughter who has been with the business since the beginning. I grew up in a home where we lived, breathed, bled animals! I’m very much a crazy cat lady (even more than Ingrid!), but have a love for all other animals, especially rats, ferrets, bunnies and other of the like. I have two crazy kitties of my own, they’re both a bit…spoiled. I hope one day when I’m in a bigger home to be able to foster again, mama cats with kittens, shy kitties who take time to bond, kitties who have medical issues who others are wary to adopt. 

Michaela handles events and all that goes into those and also specialize in cat care. She can usually get even the shyest kitties to come out. Michaela officially joined the team in 2014.


Pet Care Professional

Ann’s love of animals goes back as far as she remembers–in fact, her first career aspiration was to be a keeper at the Columbus Zoo. She grew up in northeast Ohio with cats, dogs, fish, and a one-eyed rooster named George! Ann recently quit the “desk jockey” life to pursue her MLIS at Kent State University, and hopes to be a librarian while continuing to work with animals any way she can. She lives in Grandview Heights.​


Pet Care Professional

Lynn is an Army Brat from Fayetteville NC who moved to Ohio in 2000. She worked as a vet tech for the last 33 years with 15 of those in the ICU at MedVet. Lynn also has 3 children including the husband, 2 cats, 2 dogs and 5 hermit crabs.

Lynn also loves to sing, is an avid reader and is in school for her nursing degree working towards becoming a mental health nurse practitioner.


Pet Care Professional

Tessa was born and raised in Worthington ohio. She has always had a deep love for animals since meeting her neighbors golden retriever buddy. She has owned rabbits, hamsters, dogs and cats. She currently has two dogs, Olive oil and Turbo and three cats in her household with her husband.

In addition to working with us, Tessa has also worked at various vet clinics, animal hospitals and at FCDS. Her dream is to be an animal investigator for the Franklin county dog shelter.

Tessa enjoys spending time with her two dogs outside any chance she gets. She always enjoys snowboarding, jetsking, and running. ​


Pet Care Professional

Teresa turned 40 and left her corporate career in fashion for a fulfilling life with animals and creativity. She considers herself the resident cat whisperer. Teresa has a 1 year old male tabby cat, Bubby, who is the current love of her life. Bubby succeeded Lily, her 17 old peach kitty bundle of joy.

Teresa is a volunteer at Columbus Humane, and a contributing artist to Pets Without Parents Art With Heart events.

In addition to being an animal lover, she is a part time Nail Technician, Owner and Artist of T’Art abstract paintings, and print artist at Society6. Teresa joined Scales Tails and Paws in October 2019.


Pet Care Professional

Since birth Shiloh has loved ALL animals. Growing up in California, her parents only allowed cats. She did try, unsuccessfully, to convince her parents to let her have a horse in her bedroom.

After she married her husband Chris, she added dogs to her family. It took some convincing, but eventually she was also able to get that horse – although he doesn’t live in her bedroom… yet.

Shiloh moved to Gahanna when she was 10. She now lives in New Albany with her husband (Chris), two beautiful daughters (Eve and Natalie), two dogs (Scooby and Ms. T), two cats (Rico and Winnie), two lizards (Jessie and Loco) and one rescue fish. She boards her horse, Cricket. For the past 17 years, she has been a stay-at-home mom. She attends school part-time and is working toward her RN degree. And she loves meeting your four-legged family members!​

Natalie B

Pet Care Professional

Natalie has loved and worked with animals all of her life. She grew up with special needs dogs and started volunteering at Capital Area Humane Society as soon as she was old enough. Natalie has worked in pet care and rescue for over six years with pocket pets, dogs, cats, horses, and parrots. She is knowledgeable of pet nutrition as well as understanding an animal’s individual needs.

Natalie has rescued dozens of animal and has fostered many dogs and birds. She is happily owned by two dogs, Feifel a four year old beagle/basset mix and Perdita a pit puppy along with her kitties and birds.

Natalie is currently attending OSU full time but occasionally helps out when time allows as she misses all her furry friends fiercely!

Michael B

Pet Care Professional

Bio coming soon!

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